The Power of Jesus' Name

Before we start our day, each morning we pray for God's protection and that He lead us to people He wants us to share His love with.

As we were unloading our delivery, we met a truck driver named Joe who has been driving for 40 years. Joe shared how faithful God has been over the years to him and his wife. He spoke of miracles God has done in his life. Joe explained that one day, when he and his wife were driving to make a delivery with a heavy load, he hit a patch of black ice and the trailer began to jack knife. At that moment, Joe braced himself to slide off the side of the road but his wife immediately shouted the name of JESUS! Instantly, he felt the hand of God grab the trailer and straighten it out. He knew only God could have straightened the trailer and spared their lives that day.

Joe went on to share another miracle. He told how he was experiencing symptoms of blood in his nasal cavity, vomiting blood and headaches. One day, while in the bathroom, he blacked out and fell to the floor. Hearing the commotion, his granddaughter ran to find him, shook him but Joe wasn't responding. She immediately called on Jesus, praying "Please don't let my Papa die!". Rushed to the hospital, doctors discovered that he had a ruptured blood vessel in his brain. They didn't know how he survived! Joe explained to the doctor that it was the finger of God that literally stopped the bleeding. It was a miracle! He has no medical complications and still drives his truck.

As he shared the miracles, we were praising God and having church right there in the shipping and receiving area.

It was beautiful to see Andrew and Joe pray and embrace before they departed. We praise God for bringing Joe along our path and for hearing more testimonies to give Jesus all the glory!

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