Trucker Joe

On the day Andrew picked up our new truck from the dealership, he went to get fuel at a truck stop and met a truck driver named "Trucker Joe". He was impressed with our truck, which led Andrew to express, "God is so good!" Trucker Joe then replied, "Oh you don't know how good God is! Let me tell you how good He is!"

"Several nights ago,"Trucker Joe explained, " I was taking a delivery to the Walmart Distribution Center in a rural area outside of Raleigh, NC. I was following my GPS but it led me down the wrong road. While on the phone with the Distribution Center, I had to drive for a bit to find a place to turn around. When I stopped at a corner, two men who I thought were going to help me, approached. When I opened my door, one guy grabbed me and tried to pull me out of the truck. They were both yelling that they were furious with truckers coming down their road. They had decided to kill the next driver that came down their road. When I heard them say that, I looked over my shoulder to see a gun pointed at me! I got a sudden burst of energy, broke free from his grasp and fell between the two front seats. Out of desperation, I grabbed the shifter and threw it in gear. The truck lurched forward causing the men to fall off the truck. During the commotion, I had forgotten that I was connected via Bluetooth to the Distribution Center. The representative overheard the incident and immediately contacted the police. I regained my seat, slammed the door and drove away. During my escape, police were speeding my way. They stopped me to ask what happened. They had received a report from the Walmart Distribution Center that there was a death threat to a truck driver. I confirmed the story of what happened and the police escorted me safely to Walmart."

Meanwhile, other law enforcement officers went to investigate the original scene. There they found the two perpetrators who confirmed the events. The men expressed their frustration about truck drivers coming down their street and admitted their intent to kill the next driver to set as an example. Once officers found the gun, the men were arrested and charged with attempted murder.

This is where it gets good! Trucker Joe's mother called him later that day and explained that the Lord woke her at 3am to pray a hedge of protection around him--not knowing that he was in desperate need for that protection at that very moment.

After Andrew heard Joe's testimony, he was amazed! If it had been an unsaved driver that was killed, that driver would've spent eternity in Hell. Because of the prayers of his mom and how God saved him in this situation, Trucker Joe rededicated his life to Jesus!

To God be all the glory!

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