God Had a Perfect Plan

I am Carol Johnston, a 72-year-old widow from Graham, NC. On November 10th, I was returning home from Carlisle, PA from a two week visit with my daughter, son-in-law, and six grandchildren. The week prior had been my 50th wedding anniversary, but it was a different celebration this year because my sweetheart passed away from cancer in May. My daughter wanted me to be with them that day, so I made the trip in my 2010 Volkswagen Jetta. We had a lovely time celebrating the anniversary with the children singing to me around a big cake so “Papa” could hear.

During my drive home, my car suddenly began “cutting off” several times. It also skimmed and shook until it stopped permanently in the right lane of I-95. I jumped out and two young men pushed it off the road. I was blessed that the approaching semi-truck adjusted and passed my car in the left lane. Darkness was still upon us at 4:00 am.

I had a telephone number for a mobile service so I called it to hopefully get someone to come and make the necessary repairs so I could get home. They told me that I had a major problem and that my transmission had gone completely. Upon investigating my options, I learned that my AAA package could tow my car to the closest garage and that would get me 40 miles closer. After waiting an hour for a tow truck, we went to the closest garage. There I learned that the repair would cost $3,800.00. Since I didn't have the funds, they stored my car and I was driven to the “Flying J” in Kenly, NC. My husband was a long-distance truck driver for 41 years, so immediately the stop rekindled memories of our regular stops there. I cried in the bathroom for a bit then went to sit in the lounge. Due to the COVID pandemic, the lounge was shut down; there was no sitting except for a concrete picnic table outside--which was constantly being used for people with takeout food. So, at 6:00 a.m., I stacked my 3 duffle bags (one on top of the other) and sat on them against the brick wall in front of the gas station. It was still dark at 6:00 a.m. and, needless to say, the situation was uncomfortable. At 6:30 a.m., I got permission to start asking for a ride heading West. I asked drivers of cars and big trucks for hours, but no one was going that way. I had given all the cash that I had to the mobile service earlier, so I couldn’t even buy food. I started to read my Bible and quoting the verse “Be still and know that I am God” - I have it ALL taken care of, God was telling my soul, but my close to 73-year-old body kept squishing the duffle bags lower and lower until my back and legs hurt. I had to keep repositioning them every little bit. At noon, I was still asking people, to no avail. “You said you would neither leave me nor forsake me” - I kept telling God and asked for His intervention in my plight.

At 1:00 p.m., a man with an orange T-shirt passed by me and commented that I was reading the Word. I told him my situation and he remarked that he was passing through Graham on his way to a delivery in Greensboro, N.C. He said he would be taking I-85/40 West. I was so excited to know that he would get me home that I immediately started praising Jesus!

We walked to his truck parked at the repair shop where he was getting 4 new tires applied. When I rounded the corner of the shop, I saw his beautiful purple Volvo semi-truck with the words “His Majesty’s Transport” on the side of the door. I crawled up into the passenger seat and I truly thought I had gone to heaven. That cushiony seat against my back after a brick wall for 7 hours was something special. Andrew gave me water and relief set in knowing that I would get home safely. He shared that this truck was his ministry on the road and that he was a Chaplain. I also met his wife Darlene by phone.

While we waited for the tire work to get done, I called my daughter and sister to relieve their concern. I had two oranges for energy as we discussed the day's events. Andrew told me that his schedule brought him there purposely to drive me home and God wanted me in his care--that’s why other rides hadn’t materialized. People were unwilling to help me, but God had a perfect plan.

Around 3 p.m., I arrived in Graham, NC. Andrew got me to the “Flying J”. He got a shower for me on his Pilot trucker’s card which was heavenly and I felt more presentable. Andrew gave me some money and the remainder of a gift card so that I could get bread, milk and laundry detergent for home. Being gone for two weeks, I had none in the house and my next Social Security check wouldn’t arrive for almost two weeks. It is my sole support, so the elation I experienced knowing I’d had necessary items overwhelmed me I could barely express myself. Andrew was used by God to transport me in a Royal Purple Truck, to help a widow with “little” to have a better ending to her day. He was encouraging, comforting and a family man. God knows how to pick them!

I shall never forget this day as long as I live. I pray many blessings will rain down on Andrew and his family as he does God’s work on the road. I thank God for Andrew and his family and for their journey to this point in their lives. It is comforting to me to know that he is out there to help the next person God puts in his path. Bless him! Oh, what a Glorious day this was!

Postscript – My sweetheart passed away on May 28th. There is no manner in which one can prepare for the loss of a mate, except to know that he is in Heaven and you will be seeing them again in heaven. This has been a difficult year, but when people help widows, it is so appreciated. I am adjusting to having God as my mate now and I’m learning to do tasks around the house. I will also share that my 73rd birthday comes on November 29th and I thank God for His Mercy in keeping me well. I am able to do my yard work, gardening and tasks of daily living so far with no prescription drugs.

God has a plan for my car repairs and I will wait on him to show me how it will come about. For now, I shall rest knowing His Majesty’s Transport is out there somewhere available for the next need and that Andrew is at the “helm”.

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